How to Find Health Care in Your New Location

Moving to a new area can be quite overwhelming. Finding a place to call home, registering children with the local schools, and getting a lay of the land can take up a lot of time. One thing that is often overlooked is your health care options. Waiting until you or a family member is sick is not the time to be rushing around a new city in search of health care providers.

Finding the Right Doctors

You will need to establish a relationship with a general practitioner that you can turn to for common illnesses. Search for someone close to your home with excellent online reviews. Call to make an appointment where you can come in to fill out forms and ask questions about your health insurance coverage. Next you will need to find a family dentist and eye doctor that you feel comfortable with, and if you have small children, a pediatrician is another must.

Look for Convenient Urgent Care

Find out exactly where the nearest hospital to your new home is. Map out directions, and make sure you know where the emergency room entrance is located. These are not things you want to be doing when a family member gets injured. You’ll already have enough to worry about. Ask around to find out if your new community has an urgent care center. These facilities offer longer hours and are open weekends when regular doctor’s offices are closed.

Go In Search of a Local Pharmacy

Once you have found a doctor you are happy with, they will ask you which pharmacy you want to use. Locate one that is close to your home and convenient to get in and out of. Many chain drug stores offer a drive-through pharmacy. If it is the same chain you used in your previous hometown, they will have your records already on file in their pharmacy software systems like those from Best RX.

Knowing that you have health care providers such as a pediatrician, general practitioner, eye doctor, and dentist ready to accept you as a patient as well as a nearby hospital and pharmacy in your new location is a great relief. You’ll be confident that when someone becomes ill or an injury happens that you are fully prepared.

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