Applying for Travel Insurance with a Pre-Existing Condition

Travelling to different countries is a great way to learn more about the world and meet new people. It is a great way to explore the world and also have a lot of fun. If you have an adventurous soul and like to move about frequently, travelling can be just the activity for you. It will help you become much more observant and by the time you grow old, you will have hundreds of tales to share with others.

Travelling doesn’t really have to be all that difficult, as you can easily get a visa in countries where it is needed and buy a plane ticket. However, while those parts are generally quite easy to handle, many people face issues when applying for a travel insurance policy. Insurance companies usually try to maximise their profits by only giving out insurance policies to healthy individuals, so they don’t have to worry about more claims later on. Before you can apply for a medical insurance policy then, you will first need to show your medical certificates and disclose any pre-existing conditions that you might have.

The insurance premium is calculated based on a variety of different factors. For instance, if you are travelling to a destination that is not exactly safe, your premium is going to be higher. Many insurance companies have strict guidelines about which destinations are covered and which ones that are off-limits, so you should go through the terms and conditions first before applying for a travel insurance policy.

Now, as you might know, most of the insurance companies nowadays don’t often offer insurance policies to people who are suffering from pre-existing conditions. There is a very high risk that a claim could be put forth during the trip, so to avoid their losses, most insurance companies generally do not give out policies to people with pre-existing conditions at all. Here are a few different tips for applying for and getting an insurance policy if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Start Narrowing Down Your Options

The first thing that you need to do is to narrow down your options. As mentioned above, not all insurance companies give out policies to people suffering from serious medical conditions. It is a wise idea to first make a list of the different companies that currently offer insurance policies to people with pre-existing medical conditions. There is a very simple method that you can use to narrow down your options.

Companies such as Medical Travel Compared now offer tailored insurance policies to customers who are suffering from a pre-existing medical condition. All you have to do is to go on their website, make an account, and then input your medical conditions. It is important that you provide accurate information about your conditions, so that in case you are asked for a medical examination later on, there will be no contradictions.

Can You Get Insurance if You Are Over Age 50?

Many people who are above the age of 50 often find it difficult to get insurance. It is a common stipulation that almost every insurance company applies when giving out insurance policies. However, this does mean that you can’t get an insurance policy if you are over age 50? No, it does not. People over 50 can easily travel, because there are numerous smaller companies that offer tailored insurance policies to elderly customers. In fact, some of the best policies are the ones that are given by smaller insurance companies. When taking out an insurance policy from any company, you should make sure that the company is certified by the Financial Conduct Authority, since that will ensure that the company meets all regulations and guidelines, and is actually legitimate.

Compare Different Policies

It is very important that you compare different policies before buying one. However, most people make the common mistake of only comparing different policies based on their price. For starters, you should make sure that a policy provides enough cover to protect you. You should also make sure that the policy provides cover for medical expenses and travel cancellations. In addition, be sure to check the excess limits of the policy to ensure that you buy the right travel insurance policy.

If you are living with a pre-existing medical condition, make sure that you declare it right away. In case you fail to declare the condition, the policy could be invalidated. Many people often give the excuse that the condition they have doesn’t affect their daily life, and as such, it doesn’t need to be declared. However, that is not the case; your travel insurer will want to know each and every detail about any medical conditions you have.

Personal Liability

There are many cases in which another party could file a case against you for the damage you have caused. For instance, if you end up causing an accident or affecting a property that doesn’t belong to you, or if a cruise ship or plane has to be diverted because of your actions, there is a chance that they could file a claim against you. When purchasing a travel insurance policy, you should make sure that it provides adequate cover against personal liability. If someone files for legal action against your insurance company, you could end up paying a considerable amount out of your own pocket if you do not have proper cover in this regard.

Ideally you should always purchase travel insurance after you have booked your holiday. Buying the policy is a good option to protect your investment. Remember, your cover will become active the moment you pay the money. If you pay a little more for cancellation cover, you can also get a complete refund in case you have to cancel your trip. Many companies also allow you to pay for travel insurance over the internet, thus making it easy for you to get the cover directly. Purchasing travel insurance is a great idea for individuals who want peace of mind when they are planning a trip. In case you are travelling with family, you could also purchase a direct insurance policy for the entire group of people who are going to be on the trip.



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