Botox: Can The Wrinkle Fighter Erase Depression?

For many years botox has been associated with making your skin look younger by eliminating some of the wrinkles on your face and the black circles underneath your eyes. Over the years the cosmetic drug is now being used by people as a medical procedure to help with various medical conditions.

For example, this medication can help with severe headaches and constant sweating, but now the drug is being tested on not only physical illness’ but also mental illnesses. Yes, you heard me right, now the drug is being used to help combat mental illness’ such as depression

Now, a few of you may be confused about the way that botox contributes to battling depression. Well, it does this by relaxing the muscles in your face, so the muscles are unable to send distress signals up to the brain. In the experiment to see if the procedure cured depression, the scientists used an army veteran called Vivian Cooke to see if the drug would help her and her constant battle against depression.

When Cooke was asked if the drugs were helping her with her illness, she said that she found her mood was better on a “Day to day basis.” It is worth noting here that Cooke had tried other forms of medication to combat her depression, but this cosmetic drug was the only one that had a positive effect on her illness. The experiment is now over for Cooke, but she still is taking the shots as she notices that it is making her feel better during the day

The main scientist that conducted this experiment was Doctor Finzi. The reason to why Doctor Finzi wanted to see if this experiment worked was because he personally believed that if you were always smiling it would be hard not to feel happy. The reason to why you would always be smiling would be because the drug would paralyze and relax the muscles in your face and your resting face would be you smiling.

It is worth noting that smiling itself can make you happier, as it releases endorphins into the bloodstream of your body and endorphins make you feel more comfortable in general. This means that even if you are faking your smile, you will still feel more satisfied in life as endorphins will be released into your blood stream through the act itself.

It is important to mention that because this medical experiment went so well for Cooke that scientists are now moving onto the next stage of research with this drug. This is because they want to see if it can help cure depression and other mental illnesses. A few other examples of mental illness’ that this drug could potentially help include Bipolar Disorder and Social Anxiety.

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